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Through my work, I want to deliver something that is relieved and warm.

Artist / Illustrator / book writer

Maki lives while praying for love and draws while praying for love.
In 2018, I met "Soul Dive Art" (art technique by Tomomi Segawa), a method of drawing pictures by connecting with my soul, and took a course. After i learnt the tecniqe, I expe-rienced the joy of drawing a picture by connecting with my own soul, and at a solo exhibi-tion held in December 2018, "When I am in your picture, I feel like I am in the forest." "In my mother." I deeply enjoy the joy of drawing by receiving comments such as "I feel like I entered" and "I remembered playing in nature when I was a kid."

Published the picture book "To the Warm Place" in 2020. It has reached the hearts of many people and is pleased.


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