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Nao Nakamura




Title: One
Size: 26” x 28”
Year: 2011
Media : Mixed Media on Leather Canvas
It is a piece of art on leather canvas. Created it after the 2011 great East Japan earthquake and tsunami, it wants to honor all those people that died and were lost: the red and white colors of the rose are in fact the same but opposite of the Japanese flag; the red rose tattoo stands for love while the white one is for admiration, respect. It conveys the messages of “one world/planet,” “unite together as one people,” “let’s work together as one”. Not by chance, Nao made it out of one piece of leather that she cut and then stitched together again to reunite each piece and make it ONE, whole again. So now, in this time of Covid, many of the same things come to her mind from that time after the earthquake: “ONE” wants to remembe and honor again all the people we’ve lost, but also hoping to work together and unite as one to do our best to get through this.

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