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Emily Guilbert
Handicraft Artist

Emily Guilbert

Handicraft Artist


Emily Guilbert is a visual artist and expressive arts therapist.
She was born and raised in the New England region of the United States. Emily studied at
Goddard College and Bennington College in Vermont, and Studio Art College
International in Florence Italy. She received a master's degree in expressive arts therapy from Lesley University in Cambridge Massachusetts.
Emily currently works as an artist, psychotherapist, and creative wellness coach.
She travels between New England, Argentina, and Italy.

Artistic Statement

My collage work was born out of a necessity to create art outside the confines of a
traditional studio. With little time and space to devote to painting, I began exploring new materials and processes that would allow me to sustain a daily practice of art-making. I started using "found" (repurposed) paper to make small-scale abstract collages.
My process of collaging is intuitive and improvisational; each shape and color inform the next. Some compositions emerge quickly and instinctively while others form slowly, through thoughtful meditation. The final composition is a result of a felt sense of comple-tion. My current work explores the synesthetic qualities of visual components. The ab-stract compositions express kinesthetic and musical elements as forms float and move through space.


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