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Kazuno Ataka

Kazuno Ataka



Born in 1986, lives and works in Niigata Prefecture. Artist who proposes philosophical works. Raised in an environment where his mother enjoyed oil painting and flower arrangement and his father was a Buddhist monk. She has been drawing pictures for as long as she can remember, and taught herself graphic arts using Photoshop when she was a junior high school student.
In 2004, he graduated from Toyo University, Department of Japanese Literature and Culture. He studied Japanese culture and culture of thought. In 2003, while still a student at Toyo University, he became a certified teacher of the Shinshu Otani School of Buddhism. He deepened his knowledge of Buddhist thought, especially the Pure Land philosophy. He also studied Buddhism from various perspectives through traditional Japanese culture closely related to Buddhism, such as flower arrangement and tea ceremony.
In 2014, he began working as a graphic designer. He has designed flyers and business cards for domestic and international companies. He also creates images, logos, and music videos for online music distribution.
In December 2021, he will begin his career as a painter. He has been working as a painter since December 2021, giving shape to what he has noticed in traditional cultures such as flower arrangement and tea ceremony, as well as Buddhist thought. He uses digital as well as analog methods of expression, and prefers to use colors based on the meaning of the five colors (goshiki).
In 2022, he presented the "Pure Land" series, inspired by the Amida Sutra. She hopes to create a world where people can live peacefully, accepting and respecting each other's individuality as it is.
For her, creating artwork is a way to rediscover the "joy of life.


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