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Brainstorm nr. 18
Kristina Žetko

Brainstorm nr. 18



Title: Brainstorm nr. 18
Year: 2020
Size: 75x155 cm
Technique: Camera-less C-type print

“With my project Brainstorm I would like to show that there are still new ways to work with photographic medium. That even though we use cameras on a daily basis, that almost everyone knows how to take photographs, there is still room for creativity when it comes to making photographs. I use the two basic components of photography – the light and light sensitive material. My photographs are produced in colour darkroom without the use of photographic camera. There are known and common camera-less processes such as photograms, cyanotypes, chemigrams, etc., however I have developed my working process by playing with material and exploring the possibilities. By not limiting myself with a desired outcome or expectations it allowed me to end up with something new and unique. I make handmade negatives by applying paint (in most cases nail polishes) on transparent sheets. When these are done I continue my work in darkroom where I place them in enlarger and project them on light-sensitive photographic paper. After paper is being developed the ending result are abstract photographs, consisted of colourful shapes on deep black background. The difference in layer thickness leads to the variation of colour brightness, saturation and transparency. Due to the rubbery consistency of the nail polish, when the light is projected through it and the image is enlarged, the structure becomes visible – for example, tiny bubbles or stretches.”

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