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Digital Artist


22 years old born in Japan. I paint the face of a warrior, but strictly speaking it is a picture of the heart, expressing sadness, pain and suffering. Half of warriors face is destroyed and a new face is born from it, which represents the destruction of the brain and the formation of a new personality.
Brain destruction and personality creation are my themes and what I want to draw. I have been influenced by music, my favorite pasta, fashion, drive, psychology, etc. to pursue this theme. These have stimuli that come directly to the brain and can be stimulated enough to vibrate the brain. The vibration of the brain is utilized in the creation.
Born in 1999, I stayed in the United States for two years at the age of 9 to 10 for my fa-ther's work. Seven years after returning to Japan, when I was 17, I experienced a strong awakening to art. However, I have been searching for expression methods and means for a long time. When I was 21 years old when I was studying psychology at university, I met a painter, illustrator, and designer, Masahiko Omi, and he discovered my talent for digital art, and I started drawing with adobe illustrator. Since May 2021, I have been studying under Mr. Masahiko Omi, and under the guidance of drawing techniques and attitudes as an artist by adobe illustrator, I has also interacted with various artists and artists' eggs. In November 2021, I opened an Instagram account @prnuaom4474 at the recommendation of Masahiko Omi. I started a business as a sole proprietor in January 2022. I was launched Innocent Sadition, a T-shirt brand with the theme of innocent sadness and sharing of sad-ness. In the same month, I began to sold NFT art at the NFT marketplace opensea. So far, I have planned projects such as the Covid-19 charity art project, which donates all art sales price to multiple medical organizations. In February 2022, reached 1000 Instagram fol-lowers.
I currently planning a huge art that exceeds the size of the body.
I use adobe illustrator to make it, but I'm not drawing illustrations. I aim to create new me-dia that fuses illustrations, oil paintings, face paint, etc. For that reason, I sometimes dare to give an oil painting feeling without painting the colors finely.

Inspirations and Suggestions:
First of all, I used to write mainly in screenplays for three years between the ages of 18 and 21. When I was 21 years old in my third year, I was able to write a script that I was sat-isfied with for the first time. It was one of my greatest masterpieces.
In the script, the hero who had half of his face turned into an insect was fighting. Around that time, I came up with the idea that half of the face became insects. And, in the script, there was a description that the brain was dominated by insects and the brain was gradu-ally destroyed instead of gaining high fighting ability. It was then that the brain destruc-tion was linked to the insectification of half the face. And I was studying psychology at university at that time.
What I was most interested in in psychology was personality. In my script, the main char-acter's personality changed due to the insectification of half of his face. I interpreted this as the creation of a personality by the birth of a new face from half the face. In other words, the hero created a completely new personality by destroying his brain with insects and creating a new face. I was so obsessed with this idea that even after I started painting at the age of 21, I started to work on this idea as a theme. This idea is heavily influenced by a comic book. It is a manga called GANTZ by Hiroya Oku.
In this manga, the main character fights against insects. When I saw this depiction, I imag-ined the protagonist uniting with the insects rather than fighting them. However, I fell in love with the battle scene in this cartoon. And I also strongly wished to be a warrior. I think it was a big feeling at this time that I started drawing pictures of warriors. Further-more, in this manga, a boy named Hiroto Sakurai destroys the alien brain with supernatu-ral powers. I was excited about this scene. It was at this time that the theme of brain de-struction was big.
Another big influence is the music band King Gnu. I fell in love with the music of Daiki Tsuneta, the leader of this band. His music is destructive and aggressive, and he probably has the theme of destruction and creation. After listening to this music, I was obsessed with the theme of destruction and creation.
When I was little, I was struck by the painting of Van Gogh. I wanted to be a painter like Van Gogh someday. When I was 17 years old, I saw Van Gogh's paintings in a museum and was overwhelmed by his powerful brushstrokes and ridiculous energy, and I began to want to get closer. So I was greatly influenced by Van Gogh's paintings. Moreover, when I first saw Basquiat's paintings, I was impressed. The black in his painting evoked the en-ergy that lies in my heart. It is undoubtedly Basquiat's influence that I started to use black abundantly. Furthermore, I was shocked by the painting by Kotao Tomozawa. I was strongly shocked by the depiction of the face as if it had been destroyed, and at this time I strongly decided to draw a shocking picture that would destroy the face. Therefore, I am greatly influenced by Van Gogh, Basquiat, and Kotao Tomozawa. Furthermore, I am also greatly influenced by Picasso. He also paints as if his face had been destroyed. I am greatly influenced by the colors of Basquiat and Picasso.

The Warrior and the theme of Non-Violence
The warrior was subjected to all kinds of violence, his face was distorted and de-stroyed. But he did not succumb to violence
He did not give up his hope. He have a strong will that includes that hope.
So the theme is nonviolence.
In other words, this theme is also against war. This anti-war theme was greatly influenced by Picasso. And I am also influenced by the face of war created by Dali. Both the crying woman and the face of war have collapsed on his face. So I aimed for a painting that would collapse the face.


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