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Gone; emptiness
Ana Klanac

Gone; emptiness



Title: Gone; emptiness Year: 2021 Dimentions: 21x29.7 Medium: Acrylic on paper Artistic statement This artwork represents feeling empty after losing your loved one. After our loved one is gone, we are left alone. We have other people around, but not this one. It's a subjective work, loved one can be anyone. It can be your partner, your family, your friend … They can be dead or they left you. You still feel abandoned. Here, bed is a symbol of intimacy; not sexual, but love, close familiarity. The feeling when you're with someone and you feel like you're home. You can't imagine your life without them. They are everything to you. And suddenly, you're left alone. They are gone. You can't bring them back. You still think of them, your brain is in a loop of all your memories together, you still keep their personal things. In this painting, on the empty side of a bed, lamp on a nightstand in still on. That symbolizes they are light of your life and even if they are physically not here anymore, they are in your heart. They are still lightning your life up. YOU still keep them alive in this world. Artist: Ana Klanac

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