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Living in Vein
Miranda Hawley

Living in Vein



Living in Vein, 2020, 20.32x20.32 The Materials used for this painting are: **Pillow Paint- Colorplace interior Satin house paint mixed with GAC 800 **Pouring Medium- 3 parts Sherman Williams high gloss Deep Base C, 1 part Minwax Polycrylic, 1 Part craft Glue, 1 part tube paint. **Cell Activator- #1- 1 part Amsterdam Titanium white, 4 parts Australian Floetrol. **Cell Activator- #2- 1 part Amsterdam Oxide Black, 4 parts Australian Floetrol. **Colors used: (In Order) Golden- Pthalo Blue Golden- Teal Liquitex- Florescent Yellow Folk art- 24 Karrot Gold Liquitex/Golden mix- Florescent Pink Golden- Magenta Amsterdam- Turquoise blue Colourarte- Passion flower Folkarte- Colorshift Blue Violet Colourarte- Passion peach Colourarte- Boysenberry Amsterdam- Oxide Black Amsterdam- Titanium White On an 8x8 Canvas and finished with Epoxy Resin Artist: Miranda Hawley

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