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Agni - Fire
Mehak Mittal

Agni - Fire



The Elements Of Life Art Aroma by Mehak Mittal Our entire universe is made up of 5 basic elements, The Elements Of Life . Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space. As the concept of this exhibition is Fashion meets Art, this series of artwork is a play on elements of life meets fashion. My artwork derives the inspiration from all these elements and infuses them into the world of fashion. Each of my five paintings in this series represent each of the 5 unique elements of Life. Bhoomi (Earth) – Grow And Connect Jal (Water) – Immerse Yourself Vayu (Air) – Be Free And Fly Agni (Fire) – Ignite Your Inner Fire Antariksh (Space) – The Fabric Of The Universe All paintings are made on 640 GSM watercolor paper using professional watercolors and Ink. All 5 paintings are of size 22” x 15” ea. (approx. 56cm X 38cm). Artist: Mehak Mittal

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