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Steph Marx

Steph Marx



Steph Marx is born in Germany in 1990 and studied politics and history. While studying in France
in 2011 and 2012 she discovered painting and started to do it regularly till it became more than a
hobby. Since 2015 she works and lives in Berlin as a freelance teacher and visual artist and
participated in various exhibitions, group-events and art festivals in Berlin.
Steph Marx is a self-taught painter and installation artist. Her artwork in biting red brings deep
emotions and pain to the surface. The bright and whirling color expresses feelings and sensations,
while the relief-like crater landscapes show the hidden wounds. The acrylic paintings are sculptural
works, often painted on both sides, sometimes perforated, sometimes in heavy thick layers. The
canvas is not just a projection surface, it is more like the skin to the body: it holds together the
outside and protects the inside. But this “skin” has wounds and scars. Found objects and packaging
waste bite their way through the initially smooth surface in bulging and relentless ways and show
these scars and wounds, lead to what is hidden and to what has to be hidden inside, as it is too ugly
and difficult to endure.. Steph Marx' artwork starts right here.


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