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Samore is an abstract painter from Rio de Janeiro. She started a degree in Social Science and during that time, in the Philosophy classes, she faced with internal questions about the purpose of the human being as a society and at the individual level. What we really should be pursuing, what really makes a life meaningful? This questioning would still follow her for many years to come.
She always knew that she had artistic skills, but she did not felt prepared enough to follow her passion, even though for a period, she studied interior design, which allowed her to acquire some theoretical knowledge about the history of art, artistic movements and architecture. However, several personal circumstances led her once again to move away from her passion and ended up graduating in Human Resources.
She moved to Europe a few years later, and felt that this was the right time to embrace what really made her life meaningful. Sinse 2019, she dedicates herself entirely to painting.
Recently, she was selected for the Madrid Edition of the next “The Great International Yearbook of Contemporary Art” to be released in 2022.
Samore’s work seeks to reinterpret anything that, in her view, awakens an aesthetic sense. Her inspiration comes from most varied and even unusual places. Natural patterns, an architectural detail, a piece of furniture or even some unusual angle on everyday objects.


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