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La Sacerdotessa
Elena Brandi

La Sacerdotessa



Title: La Sacerdotessa

Serie: Tarocchi AcquaLuce - Arcani Maggiori

Year: 2020 (Castiglione della Pescaia)

Size: Original plate in paper 38x57cm

Technique: mixed techniques on paper (inks and tempera with nib and brush), later re-worked digitally.

The AcquaLuce Tarot project is an initiatory path that goes in parallel with my experience. It is a still unfinished work in progress designed for the 'physical' realization of a deck of cards for divination or energy reading. The idea was to realize only the Major Arcana, but every now and then a minor arcana 'comes to me', such as the ace of cups that I dreamed of in 2018. Normally when I am making one I 'get' one more, two or three, because the mind is faster than the hand, life then marks me the rhythm and timing of realization. I started studying them in 2001 and making them in 2016; it is not 'only' a work of painting, but an inner journey, in fact I proceed slowly since I paint them only when I have a clear image in my mind (preview): they present themselves alone along my path, as in a macro-shot of cards.
Inside all this there is the interest and fascination for the work done by Alejandro Jodor-owsky (Psychomagic and Tarot) and the writings of C. G. Jung (The Archetypes of the Col-lective Unconscious).
Returning to the AcquaLuce project ... these are practically channels transmitted on pa-per, in fact I do not follow a precise order in the realization: they arrive when they have to arrive, sometimes even after months or years, sometimes in dreams, in meditation or in the astral ... others sometimes it is a flash during everyday moments (they are not thought of at the table) and I believe, indeed I am convinced, that they act according to my inner condition to what I need, marking the type of energy there that accompanies me in that precise moment or period (internal photo). Since I transform myself, the style of the tables is also changing. I started with Il Fool and Death, with a sober and medieval style, but dur-ing the evolution of the project, the style evolves progressively encroaching on dream-like fantasy into an 'all-on-fire'. The latter have a more homogeneous style, this allows me to test at what moment I am and at times they are premonitory or influence what happens to me in daily life, because that arcane datum is a portal that moves a certain type of en-ergy.

La Sacerdotessa is Arcanum II of the 22 Major Arcana, whose complex symbolism mainly refers to the Tarot of Marseille, freely reinterpreted. We find the archetype of Artemis or Diana (Goddess of the Hunt) associated with the lunar symbology (the 12 lunar goddess-es), a divinity linked to the protection of nature (the Temple), of the cycles and mysteries of life: wisdom and concentration (potential fecundity of ideas not yet expressed), which allow a clear vision of 'reality', beyond the illusion of the veil of Maya (the manifestation). The Pillars of Hercules Boaz and Jachin which respectively indicate the feminine and masculine polarity are represented here by the two sides of the back of the throne, domi-nated by the beasts associated with the sphinxes of the Marseilles version (guardians and keepers of the enigma of knowledge). The Pillars of Hercules define the limits of the po-larity in which the universal mind and therefore also the human mind (Yin-Yang) moves.The Pillars of Hercules define the limits of the polarity in which the universal mind and therefore also the human mind moves. The Goddess or High Priestess is in connec-tion with the guiding animals that channel intuition. Her virginal condition or better said, celibacy, allows her to cultivate the feminine energy, sublimating it on a spiritual level, nevertheless it is fertile and deeply linked to the spirits of the wood, to the water ele-ment, and to the emotions that are not manifested. , but cultivate in the inner dimension. The work presents various levels of reading and perception of the multiple space-time dimensions, which occur simultaneously (a feature common to all the tables in the series).

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