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Digital Artist


Chiara Maria Francesca d’Errico, known as Maria.
Maria is an Italian self-taught artist, who lives in Rome and works mainly with oil, acrylic and tempera on canvas and various media, looking for her style by experiencing different technique and materials.
In her artworks, she aim to create dynamic and fluid textures in order to give to the viewers the sensation of touching the colours, which is so strong and concrete to go beyond the boundaries of canvas.
Without abandoning the most canonical form of art, recently her creative process dis-played sensitiveness to digital art, of which she appreciates the immediacy of the language, until it becomes a new focal point of her artistic language.
Artist’s statement
“My full name is Chiara Maria Francesca. I was born in Naples, but I have been living in Rome for four years. I always say that, as Chiara, I was a biotechnologist who did not want to be among the test tubes of a laboratory. For this reason, I have tried to be someone else. I worked as financial advisor, task I left soon because frustrating and far from the way I express myself. I thus adopted my middle name to create my alter ego: as Maria, I am a self-taught artist who expresses herself by painting, starting this experience in the period of the Coronavirus pandemic, first using temperas, and then lending up to the acrylic fluidity and the density of oil paint. I paint directly with my hand, brushes and other less usual tools as if to underline the deep bond and vividly with the matter: painting is for me a sort of therapy that allows me to vent my pain and implement “the good result of my inner demon” (Eudaimonia).
As Maria, I had the courage to quit my job and accept this new path of my life. I joined my first exhibition. I start to make works on commission and I not rule out to set off on a new course of study, to consolidate my artistic skills. I do not know what I will be like Frances-ca, but I hope to learn as much as I can to become the artist that I want to be.


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