Gyuri Heart

Gyuri Heart



Since I was a child, my dream was to be an artist and travel all around the world. I started draw-ing as soon as I could hold a pencil. I wasn´t good at school. So drawing was the only thing I was confident for. Thankfully I´ve grown up with a mother who always encouraged me to use my skills and do my best no matter the outcome.
However, even If you good at drawing. The school system in France doesn´t help you if you do not have good grades. And makes you understand that if you want to make it you must have some chance on your side. I did not help me to be confident at all and I gave up the idea to be an artist. But I still knew I had some creatives skills. I could maybe find a job where I could use it. Therefore, I have tried many kinds of studies... Design for commercials, fashion, nothing suits me. Even four years of cinema school and a job as a videographer in a big company. I was not a life for me.
Finally, I got the chance to stay one year in Korea. I worked in a language exchange coffee shop in Seoul. During this period when I was not working, I explored the worst part of me and tested my limits. It was like a second teenage crisis. I also discovered that I wanted to be an artiste and built projects for myself. I started drawing and searching for ideas again. Then created my art account on Instagram. And important fact. I got my artiste's name Gyuri from Korea.
I came back to France and did a huge work on myself. At 26 I did many things, but I was not liv-ing in the moment. I was full of anxiety, anger, and pain. I was constantly looking for approbation and love from others. Then I kept drawing what I had in my head with more consciousness. It helped me to know who I was. In March 2020 I’ve started as an artiste-painter.
And now, in 2021 I know who I am. I am aware about what living the moment is. Also, I fully ac-cept that I am an artist.

Painting is for me more than a profession. It is the way I express myself and talk about the world around me, and the world inside of me. It is also a flow of feelings and my personal story that I want to share.
I have with my artwork the objective to speak about feminity and how I live with it. In this world, it is still hard to be born as a woman. First, accepting feminity and vulnerability is not that easy if you think about it.
To be Feminine is to be sensitive and let your intuition appear when you need it. I think these days we need to be more sensitive about our environment and ask better questions about how we want the world for our children.