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Abimbola Agbede




Title: Blicke/Looks
Year Completed: 2022
Size: 40x50 cm / 16x20 inches
Technical: Mixed media - collage

A mixed media collage, a variety of techniques were applied, including acrylic painting, African textile patchwork and acrylic pouring. There is incredible diversity and energy among women, and I wanted to offer a glimpse of that.

Abimbola Agbede's art is a synthesis of the most original artistic currents and the richest cultural influences worldwide. Agbede puts us in front of a riot of creative stimuli by introducing her work Blicke-Looks. It is a mixed-media collage in which several techniques have been applied, including acrylic painting, African fabric patchwork and acrylic casting. It is a collage from all points of view, the material one and the ideal, creative one. Abimbola captures the best of art throughout history; Blicke-Looks has in it the aesthetic idealization of Primitivism, which is so dear to the Afica geographical area today. Agbede aspires to recreate a primitive experience. The Primitivist influence can be traced to artists such as Henri Rousseau and Gauguin. She captures the state of nature of faces. Our artist winks at the American abstractionist current, specifically the Doodling genre, which she places perfectly in context, becomes an integral and necessary part of the representation. The wonder of Blicke-Looks is to present two complementary sides of the experience of the human mind: rationality and the unconscious, automatism. An essential component that envelops and enriches the work is the conscious use of color, which enriches and completes the scenario. The artist about her work says, "There is incredible diversity and energy among women, and I wanted to offer a glimpse of that," so the decorative element is as essential as the educational one, and the freedom of thought inherent in the work is typical of German culture, the third stage of her biographical experience. The combination of her cultural influences from Europe, West Africa and the United States and her empathetic nature are inherent in her artistic production.

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