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Adriano Cadau
Digital Artist

Adriano Cadau

Digital Artist


NFT Artist

I'm born with pencil and paper and I started as a child to draw things. Just kidding!. But the truth is not as much far as I told. I'm really creative and I think I have a strong imagination and divergent thinking ability, that I try to express with my artworks. Arts have been a hobby for me for a long. I had enough time to reflect, experiment and find my way to express myself through abstracts compositions where I tell a story. Pieces of realities behind my creations that I shape and complete with scifi gradient tastes.
I started to having interest about digital technologies in 2014 when I decided to attend a graphic course in Parma studying nearly a year at a professional center every Saturday morning. I had the occasion to approach to what has early become my love; Photoshop. I studied also other programs of Adobe package but they did not touch me profoundly the same.
I made photomanipulations, retouching and compositing for years alone by searching books, reading a lot and watching several masters on YouTube channels where I saw amazing things that made me dream coming truth. I consider myself a self-taught, because nobody taught me directly how to create an artwork for real.
In 2019, I started to join the NFT world by going inside marketplaces as SuperRare, Makers-place, having a discrete success and recently Foundation.


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