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Gabriele Monte
Digital Artist

Gabriele Monte

Digital Artist


Gabriele Monte is a Tv-director Vision Mixer and Video/Graphics Editor he worked for the most important televisions like SKY plc and BBC for over 5 years. He is now based in Milan where He was born and raised, he is now working for Mediaset as Vision Mixer.
He always had the passion for Art made with computers because he is really bad at freehand drawing. He started making his first drawings with photoshop and illustrator 12 years ago during high school “destroying” works of art of the past by removing their fundamental elements and trying to reconstruct them according to the standards of modern art. Gabriele wants to mix traditional art made with brushes and oil with the one made on the computer.
During university he started using 3D modeling software just for hobby, he would never want this to become a job, refusing the Idea of an artist that produces “fast food art” just for making money with it. He preferred to work in an artistic environment but simply doing something that didn't compel him to create art (Graphics\Video) that forced him to use his imag-ination too often.
He is now trying to redefine himself as an artist, creating 3D paintings just using a computer, with the important add-on of a VR point of view, visible through a VR Headset. Gabriele wants to create 360 feeling artworks. He thinks we are too overexposed, always looking for something new and dif-ferent from a traditional paint where the viewer can see every elements of the paint in front of him, Gabriele believes that in future art should be more immersive, interactive and engaging, offering first, a nice paint a good looking artwork, second, food for thought and last but not least a different point of view, like VR inside the paint.
With one of his works he would like to create in the viewer a feeling of total immersion, wanting to generate in him a /positive/negative mood to let the viewer achieve a status of deep reflection
Gabriele's dream is to create an open world made in 3D, full of artworks and real life historical buildings fully walkable for people who cannot walk anymore because of serious illness or accidents, to allow them to live and walk again.


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