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Maja Dror

Maja Dror



Maja Dror was born in 1991 and raised in Denmark by her Danish father and Israeli mother. In 2019 she completed her master’s degree in communication, and in 2020 she got her first job as a consultant. What she didn’t know was that this specific year would mean a 180 degree turn in her career. The arrival of Covid-19 resulted in Maja being dismissed from her job, and instead she isolated herself in a cottage where she started to paint. In January this year, she posted her works on social media, and to her surprise the surrounding world loved it and her art sales took off.

Maja is a relatively new artist, but her work has already undergone a significant development. She is inspired by artists like P.S Krøyer, Frida Kahlo and Pablo Picasso. Even though her interest in the beginning leaned towards the perspective of a photographer combined with powerful colors, Maja’s current work is exploring the female body in an abstract way. Her style is expressive and colorful, transmuting feminine energy. The artwork combines simple and clean backgrounds with expressive objects, all being with an experimental approach.

I like to recreate what’s already created, but in a different way. To transform reality such as landscapes and objects into something new. Art helps me to capture a specific transformation, and through powerful colors, motives, and different techniques I can express my own emotions, feelings and ideas in a playful and exploratory way.

My inspiration is drawn from my curiosity to challenge how we perceive the world. That’s why I love art – people are different, and this aspect really comes to live when we observe art and interpret it.

Contrasts are my driving force. They allow me to show how opposites and differences can work together and reach new heights. My dream is to show how beautiful it can be if we allow these combinations into our everyday life.

One thing is to challenge how we perceive things differently, another thing is how I like to challenge myself as an artist. That’s why there is a big diversity in my artwork pieces. You can see all from female portraits, colorful landscapes, and creatures painted by simple lines to objects created by different forms and colors.


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