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Michele Farkas
Digital Artist

Michele Farkas

Digital Artist


Michele Farkas is a published author, photographer and digital artist.
As a self-taught artist she is accepting and rejecting with equal ease all interpretations of her art. Her own personal judgements of life, natural instincts and personality allows for this creative output, without concern for the rules set out by classificational limits. A true Outsider Artist attitude.
Michele’s guided upbringing at home and reserved business, the very epitome of all set rules of behavior, of the necessary norms and rituals, graciously led her to unveil an atti-tude that evades reality, allowing her to escape to her own parallel world.
As a person who had profound interest in art later in life, she sought not to reflect and depict, or mimetic actions, rather to thirst to create her own world.
Michele's thought-provoking imagery allows one to abandon all cultural myths and pre-dictability, finding only the purely reflective mind.
Her artwork has been published in Goddess Arts Magazine and Artist Talk Magazine. Also, presented through solo shows and exhibitions, both locally and internationally. She has nine published books that can be found on
Michele has received awards from (MOCA) Museum of Computer Art, Tokyo International Foto Awards, (IPA) International Photo Awards, (PAS) Photographic Arts Society, Bloom-ingdale Museum, National Photo Awards.

As a true Outsider artist, not tied to cultural codes, one can find a purely reflective mind. This work undoubtedly has elements of an expressive and intuitive type of artistic con-sciousness, spontaneity and directness. Giving visual form to this subject through color and shape creates an unstructured, rise and fall to its inner rhythm of existence, resulting in the emergence of an unrestrained imagination. One not to analyze but rather to sense, to sympathize with. The ecstatic nature of the movement here seems to be a direct ex-pression of state of mind at time of its conception.


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