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Julia Hauck

Julia Hauck



"A painting for the soul"
"May my arts present you inspiration on every level"
Joy for every day. All of us, we love to be around people and things, which inspire us, support our growth and give us new perspectives.
My name is Julia Hauck and my passion is Art.
I am an Austrian artist and I have been painting since my childhood. My mission is to touch, in-spire and give joy through the beauty of my arts. My paintings have between 4 and 8 layers and each of them tells its own story. My focus is on the beauty of life. I paint with acrylics and inks abstract on canvas/linen. The individual wishes of my clients make the unexpected possible and let me create different styles of paintings for the joy of the soul. I also upcycle old Skis and Snowboards. They become unique pieces like lamps, wardrobes, shelfs or sideboards. I also do 3d-prints from babies and the whole family.
"Let`s bring more colour in our lives" Yours Julia


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