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Bridget Loftus
Digital Artist

Bridget Loftus

Digital Artist


Bridget Loftus is a multidisciplinary artist. She creates because of the necessity to detach from the ego. Her creations transcend conscious mind; they are a direct link to her imagination.
Through her art, she encapsulates a memory and creates a narrative about her current surroundings and experiences. Hoping the viewer, privy or not, to the inspiration, will have a visceral reaction when engaging with her creations.
It is seldom her goal to replicate something that already exists, but rather conveys a new emotion and onset of a different thought pattern. Her work is intuitive and a direct response to the trials and triumphs of personal circumstances. She makes with purpose and intention.
All of her work is fueled by desire to release. It is the letting go of the ideas, thoughts and desires she lacks the wherewithal to expunge through verbal language.
Although it doesn’t not claim a literal or central presence in most pieces, nature is her guide and muse. Bridget’s art is an homage to the intricate lives of others as well as a visual of personal evolution.


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