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Danny Jacobson

Danny Jacobson



Danny Jacobson was born, and lives in Melbourne, Australia. He has always loved art, and spent his childhood drawing, painting and creating. This interest continued throughout his schooling, studying Art in high school. After completing school, he went on to study Industrial Design (Honours) at University where his passion for Art remained strong.
Having been an Industrial Designer for over 15 years, holding a variety of different roles - includ-ing being an Exhibition Designer at the National Gallery of Victoria, he is now dedicated to his real interest - painting - specifically Abstract Art. There is a geometry and mathematical basis found in most of his work and he uses multiple tools and experimental application to create multi-layered and often textural artwork. "My process involves transferring ideas and concepts to paper or the computer and then executing the work on the canvas. I also paint spontaneous-ly, which allows my mind the freedom to express ideas, allowing the paint to take me on a jour-ney to the final product".
He has won a number of awards and is enjoying his continuing journey as an artist, always striv-ing to develop new ideas and techniques.
He loves travelling and makes it a priority to visit the great Galleries and Museums of the world which provide a great source of inspiration.

Artistic Statement

This artwork is part of a series (Series 6) in which I explore angles in Geometric Abstraction. The overlapping bands give a sense of depth, and the bright inter-woven colours create a statement suitable for most environments. I enjoy painting larger scale works as I find myself immersed with the process and have to merge with the canvas. The abstraction is planned and structured in context – every colour and line is balanced.
This work has been painted using Artist Quality Acrylic paint on a Professional Quality stretched cotton canvas with a matt protective varnish, and is signed on the back.
It is ready to hang - the sides have been painted, so no frame is necessary, but would look great in a simple floating frame.


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