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International Contemporary Art exhibition

2023 DECEMBER, 14th

Concept by Art Curator Federica D'Avanzo

Genesis as the formation of man, the world, the creature of art. Art as an act of love towards existence, the opportunity to generate new life. A daily opportunity that our bodies experience completely involuntarily, parts of us are born every second we are alive. New cells that will compose new tissues, new thoughts, new parts of us emerge from nowhere and become very quickly essential for survival. The earth where we live generates amazing new beings even while we are sleeping, in turn sleep generates unprecedented visions, dreams. Extraordinary people create and bring into the world objects whose mere existence enables life. Only one direction remains clear and eternal for the earth's path: to prolificate. Everything around us may collapse but ingenuity, the purity of an idea, from the deepest abyss will save us. The thought of a possible refuge makes everything imaginable.

The mere opportunity that something new could be created, that could potentially upend in an instant all that had been believed up to that moment, drives all of us to pursue, to continue to desire even the undesirable, the inaccessible. By Genesis we mean exactly this moment of intense change that becomes eternal. To be born one must die and to die one must be born. How many times can we say we died and then were born. How many times can we say we have generated change. Floating in the amniotic fluid of artistic creation a revelation occurs in due time, one encounters the divine, the light, consciousness invites the body out of its lulling limbo to emerge, to exist. Genesis means the gradual concretization and materialization of a work of art in the mind of each artist. The work of art is thought of and worshipped in its embryonic stage, then nurtured, festively dressed, brought to completion to be displayed and further give rise to new saps and wombs.

M.A.D.S. Art Gallery on the occasion of this exhibition calls its artists to focus on this multitude of births, this rising and falling, sinking and emerging, generating new lights, new currents, new salvations.

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