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Lydia Arcos Cortada

Lydia Arcos Cortada



Having a degree in Biology allows me to appreciate the colors and shapes of Nature, life in general and since 2004 I am an apprentice of kabbalah that I transmit in my artwork as well.
I want to share the Light and the artwork of living the strength when you know the meaning of life.
I paint since 1992.
The first phase of my artistic career is influenced by Impressionism, as a representation, there are many landscapes painted from nature, where Light and color prevail.
Although there are also abstract and figurative paintings; but the hallmark in all of them is the vividness of color and clarity.
They are paintings without sorrow, full of joy and vitality where the love of life and nature is reflected: another of my careers: Biological Sciences.
In recent times the orientation that my work is taking is parallel to the study of kabbalah.
In it I capture names of God in Hebrew that give meaning to the subject: Prosperity, loving attraction, unconditional love, the soul mate, overcoming fear, health...
Thus up to 72 sacred names can make it up. The path is open. I meditate and then I paint, like a channel of Light. I want my work to move, calm, guide, transform. I ask that my hands be the tool to capture the best ideas and make known the ancient knowledge of Kabbalah.
My work is not purely aesthetic. Its purpose is to elevate the spirit, so that you can meditate with it and thus change the life of those who look at it.
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1991-1994 workshop of Tomás Sánchez Tripiana, trained at the Sanvisens school. 2005-2007 Felisa Señor watercolor workshop 2011-2016 Artalart group workshop with Jose María Palomo Miguelena.
2016-2017 creative space in Nauart
2017-2020 creative space in Neofabrik
2021-2022 creative space in Carolines (Grace)

1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, collective with the group Artal Art2012 "Sisyphus Redeemed" collective with the group Artal Art. "Un pálpito a la bora del mar" individual in Tossa de Mar (Girona) House of Culture. 2013 "Fragments" collective with the Artal Art group. "When you look at the East" individual in Barcelona. 2014 "Creative Process (Art Scenarios)" collective with the Arta group at Art2016 "La prosperidad" individual at the Hotel San Antonio in Barcelona
2016 Collective in Nauart

BCN INt'L Art Fair: international exhibition at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona
2017 "The Rebeldía de la Luz" individual in Nauart
2 collective exhibitions in Nauart
2018 19 exhibitions: in Los Angeles, London, Barcelona
2019 London, Barcelona
2020 collective exhibition in March at Fabra i Coat (Barcelona)
2021 “Poetry” exhibition at Mads
2022 “Visceral” on Mads, April
Collective exhibition in Nauart, Artepoli (Barcelona)
At La Pedrera, December 28, 2022 MADS
2023 “female art” Nauart
Artepoli and imaginarte: collective exhibition


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