Koyuki Sakamoto

Koyuki Sakamoto



Born in Japan. Active pastry chef and priestess,uses sugar to paint her works. She calls this one of a kind technique “sugar painting”in which she squeezes out sugar and decorates in 3D .Organizer of Wilton FUKUI Classroom. Runs a sugar art class for decorating cakes..Exhibited her work at Japan Expo in France in 2018.Winner of numerous national and international awards, including a sugar art competition in the UK. Successfully exhibited works and performed at World Art Dubai in 2020.2022.

I has performed at shrines and other venues, the only performance of its kind in the world.

2022 Dubai /World art Dubai
2020 Dubai /World art Dubai
2019 Kobe / 61th Christmas Cake Contest Sugar Art Division Grand Prize
2018 UK / Cake International small decolation Division Bronze Award
2018 Tokyo / Sugar Craft Contest Piping Award
2015 Kobe / Sugar Art EXPO Bronze Award
2014 Kyoto / Sugar Art EXPO Bronze Award
2008 BS Fuji 1st Sweets Koshien Tournament Winner

Activity history
2019 Fukui / Keyakokuryu Shrine Sugarart Performance
2019 Aomori / Uto Shrine Sugarart Performance
2019 Aichi / Tatsuki Shrine Sugarart Performance
2019 Kobe / Hashiudo Shrine Sugarart Performance

Solo Exhibition
2018 France / Japan Expo Exhibition
2017 Fukui / Cake Decoration Class Wilton Fukui open
2016 Convenience Suites produce