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Janice Ruth Gracias

Janice Ruth Gracias



J. Ruth Gracias is a Contemporary Artist and Published Poet based in Auckland, New Zealand. Her cre-ations are aimed at being an immersive experience; An evolution of poetry into aesthetically pleasing visual expression.

"Words are deceptive, a painting always tells the truth. I am after the truth the gritty kind. Painting is a form of communication, when someone interacts with your work, my art responds, it is telepathic in nature. My work is evolving, with the use of more experimental materials and processes that accentuate texture and volume in my work. I would prefer to call my Artwork collectables, “a painting” is quite limited in its traditional definition – and It’s my job to push boundaries while maintaining reverence for the practice and artistry."

The timeframe for creating standard work is approximately 4 weeks, however it depends on the pro-ject. All artwork is signed dated and professionally packaged. (A letter of authentication is available upon request)
Janice has attended several classes over the years to upskill herself, apart from being self-taught. She loves to talk about her Sketch Out experience at the Victoria and Albert museum in London. Though the current Pandemic has delayed her study with NZSAF, she is really excited to pursue a Level 6 course in Art and Design, that’s on the cards next.

Upcoming Exhibitions/ Offerings in 2021
Participating in the DE.MO Lifestyle International Art Exhibition 2021 (Milan & Fuerteventura)
Upcoming feature in the Artist Talk Magazine - Issue 17 - Celebration of Art
Offering NFT's via Alter Flux Gallery via Open Sea Platform

Featured Poet at First Digital Spoken Word Event for Global Village Poetry – Event in NYC
Published Poet – Chapter 13: Poetry | Musings and Aphorisms (Available on Amazon)
Featured as Editor’s Choice Top 15 poets by Bymepoetry for 2019

"I paint every day, it's a need - like food, clothing and shelter. Painting probably ranks above clothing on that list. I no longer have clean clothes. I have completed the ultimate painter’s rite of passage."


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