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Digital Artist


Digital Artist


Cristina Vázquez Puig is the artist behind the pseudonym “Kurisuverse”. She is a Spanish digital artist currently living in Madrid.
After graduating in Interior Architecture and falling in love with decoration, she decided to undertake her artistic career, influenced by digital techniques learned during her years of study. But it was not until she discovered her passion for photography that she found the artistic style that defined her. Through digital art and photography, Kurisuverse creates her artworks inspired by human emotions, always in constant relationship with nature, reflecting her cheerful, funny and passionate spirit of color.
Her artworks are unrepeatable, even for herself. The treatment of the photographs, as well as the design techniques used and the fusion that shape the different elements of the work, make each piece unique and inimitable.
At the beginning of her career, she was a semifinalist in the Cartelería "Animayo" competition in the Canary Islands, Spain. She also participated in the Virtual Exhibition ArtNumber23 in London, United Kingdom.
In just seven months, since she decided to make herself known as “Kurisuverse”, she has experienced incredible support through social media, which encourages her to continue creating art for those who identify with her work.
Kurisuverse is born out of the need to release her feelings and emotions. She considers her artistic pieces as sources of positive energy that inspire and motivate those who contemplate them to live with more enthusiasm.
Organic strokes are the cornerstone of Kurisuverse’s work. Fluidity and lightness come together with the pure and simple geometry that is the basis of nature. Thus, the union between the human (organic forms) and nature (geometric forms) is born. Therefore, her art arises from digital techniques and artistic photography of her travels.
Kurisuverse considers that “we spend our lives running, not understanding the purpose of our existence”. That is why her artworks invite the viewer to stop and immerse himself in them, letting be carried away by the emotions that emanate the effluvium of colors.
In the words of Kurisuverse: “my work is intimate and personal. A reflection of my intricate thoughts unable to come out verbally.”


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