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Digital Artist


Digital Artist


I was six years old when I started painting.
I'm working on becoming a child again and regaining what I lost back then.
It's a happy time.
I am free, calm, and follow the inspiration of nature.
Some truths I learn after I draw them.
And sometimes I paint emotionally.

Born in 1977 in Japan.

My painting is an adaptation of the technique of early childhood education.
Without intention, I draw curved lines and color them one by one.
I let the image develop, and use the colors I like, so that the adjacent colors do not com-pete with each other.
As I color, the picture speaks on its own, and various shapes emerge.
There are always things I learn and facts I learn from painting.

The colorful and variously shaped parts represent "diversity," and the way the colors complement each other represents "coexistence" and "co-prosperity.
The countless parts fit together perfectly to form a single world.
I always feel a love that transcends human understanding.

My paintings change depending on the viewer's sensitivity, mental state, and time of day.
I draw as freely as a child, and the viewer returns to his or her childlike mind to freely im-agine and enjoy.
Parents, children, families, and friends can talk about and understand each other's sensi-tivity.
I create art that appeals to such thoughts.


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