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Rozeta Hallenbarter

Rozeta Hallenbarter



My name is Rozeta Hallenbarter, I am Swiss and I am living with my husband in Dubai since 2018.
I discovered my passion for painting years ago but to be able to give the needed room for my creativity and passion. I had to to let go the fear of failing, my perfectionism, explanation of my decision, societies judgments & expectations, and finally as well my commercial career. After parking all this those thoughts, doubts and triggers I could focus on my passion, embracing my talent and start my new journey, for which I am deeply thankful and appreciate each moment, which I can spend in creating more of my modern abstract works in which I mainly focus on ex-pressing intuitively the sense of flow and purity of color.
Each art piece is unique and original.
For me painting is all about passion, experimenting and joy! I am a self thought artist and my art is emerging from my personal experience, emotion and senses. My inspirations coms from all around me throughout the daily random encounters and the expression of my creation process. My ambition is to achieve balance between color, values, textures and to create that beautiful contrast between harmony and chaos. The process is exposed through acrylic gestural stroke and collage elements. Expressing my self through color, texture, shapes, lines pattern with different technics and media such as oil crayon, oil and soft pastel, ink, ink media, pencil.
What greater motivation and satisfaction can I achieve than to inspire people with my artwork and gain their joy and demand to have my artwork in their homes.


“all art lovers deserve a little Louvre at home”
Art is made to be seen and shared and a very important asset in our life's, it can inspire us, pro-vide us with positive energy or calm us down, and remind us as well of good memories which happen to us.


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