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Conversation with my Higher Self
Rebecca Light

Conversation with my Higher Self



‘Conversation with my Higher Self’ Size: 48”x 60” Medium: Acrylic Artist: Rebecca Light Calgary, Alberta, Canada This piece was made in seven days but the conversation leading up to it has been a lifetime. Bright, geometric, organic, the influences in this painting are numerous, linked by synchronicity. I will often look up at the clock just as it becomes a series of numbers such as 11:11, 12:12 or 2:22 etc. I found myself living out situation a bit like this. December 12, 2020 was the day of the Lady of Gaudalupe. She is basically my patron saint so I lit a candle said my prayers and went to sleep. The next day a friend calls and asks if I would like to escape the Calgary winter for the tropics for a week. Obvious answer, Yes! After searching through numerous vacation packages we chose Puerta Valharta, Mexico. On a google search of the town as I had not been there before I was startled to discover that in the heart of the old town there is an old church known as Our Lady of Gaudalupe Parish. What a coincidence! Or is it? How do these things work! Three weeks later I found myself sitting in this beautiful quiet church. With the golden sun streaming through the stain glass windows bathing the domed white and gold interior in coloured light I felt a sense of the surreal on me. An elevation of my senses and peace so bright and golden it was like champagne bubbles all over inside and me. It was on this trip, called by the Lady of Gaudalupe, surrounded by bougainvillea joyfully offering up bountiful pink and orange blossom chroma, that the seed of this painting was planted. On our return we stopped for one last plate of tacos and coronas and between us we had exactly 1111 pesos left which covered our bill almost exactly. When I returned to my studio, the only plan I had was a self portrait in the bougainvillea and the rest was an adventure! Six and a half days later, ‘Conversation with my Higher Self’ was completed. This piece is about cleaning the soul, listening to the heart and trusting in the incredible magic of life! It’s meant to be fun, joyful and not to be taken too seriously as there is always plenty enough of that to go around. She is wise ethereal and super bright! Artist: Rebecca Light

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