Erika Munguía

Erika Munguía



Sonoran artist Erika Munguía is a self-taught plastic artist. Since she was a child, she has had a taste for painting and art. But her first real encounter with art was at the age of 17, when she began to experiment with materials such as oil and pastel. In 2010 she opened a workshop to give painting workshops to children and adults. She organizes collective exhibitions of her workshop as an art teacher every year. From 2010 until 2019. In galleries such as Casa de la Cul-tura de Sonora, Musas (Museo de Arte de Sonora), Plaza Bicetenario, and Galería del Centro de las Artes de la Universidad de Sonora. 10 exhibitions of the workshop of Galeria de arte Erika Munguía, from 2013 to 2019. As a plastic artist she has participated in several group exhibitions in and out of the state of Sonora.
-In 2015 she participated in the exhibition "irreverentes y protocolarios de la Galería yuri López kullins in the CDMX with two of her works "estoy listo" and "mariposas en el bosque".
-2017 he made a work of Benito Juárez for the attorney general's office of the state of Sonora, whose work is part of the state's collection.
-2017 the digital magazine cp Magazine recognised by Unesco for its contribution to the dis-semination of art and culture did an interview and published his work as an artist.
-2018 davince international festival 2018, in the Museum José Luis Cuevas in the CDMX partici-pated with the work "Alas para volar".
-2018 in MUSAS (museum of art of Sonora) in the exhibition The Art of Peace, participated with the work "lazos de perdón".
-2019 Festival bermejo in Guaymas Sonora with the work "en mis sueños".
-2019 participated in the travelling collective exhibition of portraits in Blue with my self-portrait in the house of culture of Sonora.
-2019 collective exhibition Trazos, in tecnológico de Monterrey de sonora with the work "oración respondida".
-2020 virtual exhibition the hands of the artist in Maemexico with a portrait of her artist's hands
-2020 invited to open the art route in the XVlll festival of the calaca in Guaymas, Sonora, partic-ipated in the house of culture in Guaymas with the private exhibition "Magic and life".
Erika Munguía has received several awards over the years where she has participated giving talks in several private and public schools in her city.

Art for me is like life, a journey in which I can experience, create, dream, express, feel. By paint-ing I express my dreams, longings, madness, love, freedom, the magic of life.