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The peacock
Doris Judith Rosales

The peacock



TITLE: The peacock Technique: Oil Painting Size: 60,7 x 45,3cm Description of the work: Peacocks have always captivated the imagination of mankind for thousands of years. A long time ago, there was an ancient belief that said that the peacock's skin was incorruptible, and it will remain without decomposing, that's how art is, art will last in time and never decomposes, because it is an evolution for humanity. This work of art reflects for me, a symbol of immortality, and immortality is only achieved with the artist's soul, it is a perfect allegory of eternal life and the immortality of the human, as an artist. As a result, I wrote a poem that goes like this: We were running after a peacock. We are running on time. Everything was like a peacock. I don't know if it was a peacock. Or it was the plumage of an oriental bird. It is showing off its plumage. Of unmatched colors. A beauty and a love. They are like a peacock. They endure and transcend for eternity. What beauty, what love, are the feathers of a peacock that fly for eternity! Artist: Doris Judith Rosales

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