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Elemental - The Passionate One
Aaliyah Ebrahim

Elemental - The Passionate One



Title: Elemental - The Passionate One Year: 2021 Size: 45 x 55 cm Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas Meaning: The simultaneous embodiment of the calm of the ocean and the passion of blazing flames. Elemental is kind yet fierce. The Passionate One is spontaneous, spinning wildly into every next move and embracing every moment as they live without regret and without fear of the unknown. "Elemental" is part of the artists' "The Personification Series" The beauty of personification of art is that visual representations connect to an intuitive part of the human form, which then resonates with us on various emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical levels. The series seeks to bring the intangible to life and connect art and viewer on a deeper level. It is a collection of abstract representations of anthropomorphic metaphors, where human qualities and emotions are attributed to each individual piece. Artist: Aaliyah Ebrahim

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