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Linda Eklund




Title: Dreamer
Year: 2021
Size: 100x100cm
Technique: Acrylic on canvas

“Dreamer” is an attempt to capture the last ray of summer, which is really short in the cold nordic countries. To occupy much of the canvas is the face of a woman realistically portrayed, characterized by light colors, from yellow to pink to blue, recalling the summer sunsets and the warm days of these months. The colors are spread in spots, giving greater prominence and expressiveness to the woman who, bringing her hand to her mouth, turns out to be a little thoughtful and nostalgic: in fact, the summer is moving away, the dark and cold days of winter are getting closer and the mood returns to be less joyful for the monotony that awaits us. Therefore, what the artist hopes to achieve with “Dreamer", is to be able to capture a moment of this summer joy, to hold it tight when it passes, giving the painting a dreamy and dreamlike atmosphere because, as Linda says, “In the world of art and dreams, anything can happen”.

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