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Jules Frkovich

Jules Frkovich



Jules Frkovich is a self-taught, visual, mixed media, abstract fluid artist born in Vancouver, Canada and has roots to Croatia. She travels the world, exploring countries with great culture and lifestyle and is fascinated with the art world and abstract paintings. Using her God given talent she creates abstract mixed media fluid art.
Her inspiration comes from vibrant colors, art, architecture, flowers, nature, the universe and unique shapes in our world.

As a child she liked playing in the dirt, making mud pies with dirt and water, collecting rocks and cracking open the geode rocks to expose the sparking crystals inside. The crystals in geodes combined with gold and silver foils, Swarovski crystals and glitter are used to create mixed media art.

She creates mixed media fluid art by using the technique called 'pour painting'. Mixing vibrant colorful acrylic paint and pouring onto the canvas and using different motions to move it, leaving it to flow on its own.

It's an unexpected result, as it’s moving and evolving, shaping itself until dry.

Abstract art is an emotion painted onto canvas, self-expression through art.


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