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About the hope
Lenka Kozlíková

About the hope



ABOUT THE HOPE 2020 Mixed media on canvas; varnish cover, unframed 100*80 + 1cm Meaning and description: (*Note: the original poem was written in the Czech language by me, this is only its free translation) ABOUT THE HOPE We hit with our hot foreheads .. into the glass wall built under the sky. To break that glass Do we want to? Or are we shy? That desire to be away from everything, at least not in the first line. Modesty? In our dreams, a spade - loosening the soil. Already. The final. Space to avoid betrayal. Freedom? Really? We bind ourselves in a way, by promises that were never made. Behind the curtain of the glassy sky, the horizons darkened. Clever shade. As long as you raise your head, as long as you avoid the crowd as long as you sing your song, you have no clouds over your head. And if it got dark once, and you didn't want so much anymore, aware of your desires, build your temple, on the shore. In all its walls, you hear your calm breath. The heat of what is underneath, your soul calls: You know, "you can." (Lenka Kozlikova || 12 -2020) Artist: Lenka Kozlíková

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