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Jady Bates





Year: 2021

Size:OnlyforVideo Screen/replaying GIF/Screen could be as small as 20inches

This is a mixed media piece; even an NFT. It is a painting/photograph/Video/digital
media piece of a singer/musician/artist.
This image /movement represents the long, arduous journey every artist, of all genres, takes when pursuing their visions and passions. And certainly epitomizes the strain,the frustration, the passion, and the churn that turns into nothing sometimes. Within each artist's sacrifice to make a piece that is worthy there is all of this and more.

Sacrifice is especially present in the lives of all artists, and certainly can break the hearts of models, painters., sculptors, song writers, novelists, photographers, set designers, fashion designers, illustrationists, poets... you name it. Throughout my time photographlng other artists, I have noticed this one piece, in particular, SACRIFICE. makes the artist AND the piece.

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