BrigitteToffano Ali

BrigitteToffano Ali



Brigitte, an artist of French/Italian heritage born in France, moved to London in the 1980s where her interest in art remained an on-going passion. This led her to train informally at the Hampstead School of Arts (HSOA) at a mature age. A dream come true as she was already dreaming of becoming an artist during her adolescence. She has since regularly exhibited in the UK and abroad and won local awards and prizes along the way.
A multidisciplinary artist, she is happy to show a new approach to her work she has developed during the pandemic consisting of collage and printmaking, sometimes combining the two techniques together as shown on this piece. She particularly enjoys the unpredictability of printmaking looking at various ways of making a successful and often visceral final piece. Her inspiration comes mainly from nature and music.


2021 (23 November-6 December), Contemporary Painting, Brick Lane Gallery, London
2021 (11-21 September) “Vibes” Maschio Angioino, Naples, Italy
2021 (4-12 June) “Inside” Foundation Luciana Matalon, Milan, Italy

2020 (31 October - 5 November) “Modern Transitions” Centro d’Arte San Vidal, Venice, Italy
2020 (25 July - 30 August) “Incontemporanea” Gallerie L’Atelier in Hunibach, Switzerland and Palaz-zo Della Cultura, Santa Lucia del Mela, Sicily
2020 (2-8 March) “A Changing Landscape & The Female I” Van Der Plas Gallery, New-York, USA
2020 “Central St Giles Exhibition”, (HSOA) Covent Gardens, London
2020 “Scandagli”, Maschio Angioino, Naples, Italy

2019 Solo, Art Dealer Naheed Osman’s résidence, Dhaka, Bangladesh
2019 “Art in Mind Exhibition”, Brick Lane Gallery, London
2019 “Works on paper Exhibition”, Brick Lane Gallery, London
2019 “Summer Exhibition”, Gallery du 808, Bristol
2019 “Hampstead Pond Art Fair”, HSOA, London
2019 “Summer Exhibition”, HSOA, London
2019 “Advanced Students Exhibition”, HSOA, London
2019 “Play”, Baptist Church Hampstead, London
2019 “Central St Giles Exhibition”, (HSOA) Covent Gardens, London

2018 “Change”, Baptist Church Hampstead, London
2018 HSOA exhibitions (3)

2017 Artists trail, Wandsworth, London (by invitation)
2017 HSOA Exhibitions (3)

2011-2016 HSOA Exhibitions (3-4 per year)


Atlante dell’Arte Contemporanea, De Agostini 2021