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Urban Links, Black Wattle Bay
Lisa Ellen Hughes

Urban Links, Black Wattle Bay



Title: Urban Links, Black Wattle Bay
Size: 91cm w x 76cm h
Technique: Acrylic and glaze

Black wattle bay is the heart of inner-city development, expanded onto the water’s edge. Native flora and fauna are a minority and nearly non-existent. Chains are moored to boats on idyllic waterfront views, representing a love for the aquatic also a narrative of infrastructure that has devoured the natural habitat. My abstracted aerial view defies all logic of traditional landscapes. The point of view is Infront and above at the same time, producing my act of rebellion against traditional art methods. The harmonic clash mellowed by hints of yellow sand reflected under a pink sunset overshadowed by the bays polluted oil slicks. The last remaining bushland turned into a park and harbor walkway, with snippets of replanted flora alongside concrete paths mimicking a natural setting.

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