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Jungwon Park

Jungwon Park



My name is Jungwon Park. My life is based on Busan, South Korea.
I live close to the sea with my family in Busan. There, I find great personal comfort and artistic inspi-ration.

I mainly use medium format cameras with black and white films. I love the tone and texture of the ana-log BW films. That’s why I use BW films despite a lot of time and effort I must invest. I take long-exposure shots to express a feeling of surrealism and the passage of time.

I photograph existence; the changes and movement of time that I see in the sky, sea, or flowers. Each image breathes to the sound of the waves, the fresh ocean breeze, and the accumulated historical and emotional imprint of the place. I like to go out on cloudy or rainy days, when the air is misty and there is no one around.

Philosopher Sartre said, “existence precedes essence.”
There is no pre-determined beauty. But there is an existence which I am impressed with, and I just want to convey what I feel when I come across it.

My goal is purely to touch the hearts of others. That's the moment you meet another world. I want to show you my world. It may change and enrich your world. Come and feel.


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