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The symbology of Adam
Andy Cumming

The symbology of Adam



Title: The symbology of Adam
Year Completed: 2018
Size: 127.5cm X 109cm X 1cm
Technical: Photography

“From the ‘Adam Linklater: Mythopoeia’. Exhibited at the Edinburgh Art Festival 2018 Edition of 7 (7 Available). This Photo was changed slightly on Photoshop to make the black background more flat so as to bring out the Portrait of Adam. In this Image you can see the lights turned on his Head gear. This image was at least subconsciously inspired by Pink Floyd's album cover of 'Dark Side of The Moon'. In this Portrait I wanted to allow the focus to be on the details of Adam Linklaters costume in a way, provoking the imagination of the viewer, to wonder of the meaning behind such details. Although everything was designed for a reason, I still feel it is important for art to be mysterious and ambiguous enough to allow the imagination of the viewer to take part”

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