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Blood is life
Sara Novelli

Blood is life



Blood is life Two of my artworks for Gaia are vaginas. They represent a vision of our planet. Life grows from it. In the first vagina I imagine a vulva as a promise land, seen from the space, where everything is possible, where there is environmental protection, respect for nature, human beings and animals. The second vagina is blood. Blood as life. Blood as lymph. In art blood is often symbol of death and violence but in this case I represent a vulva full of blood, in two different moments … the time of the birth and the menstrual cycle. The Earth is a fertile female, is Pachamama. We must have respect for Her. Earth is the Big Vagina. I love this theme, I ’ m an archaeologist and the cult of Mother Earth is as ancient as the human being. My third artwork is our planet, covered by sea foam.Water as life. At the beginning was the water … Artist: Sara Novelli

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