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Mihaela Robu

Mihaela Robu



Since childhood I've chosen the path of colors and creation and in all this time I've realised that art is the only constant in my life.
Your existence is confirmed when you step on the outside, when you let people see you and analyze your soul. It's a world of connections and that makes me feel free and happy to embrace my true nature in the process of art manifestation.

These are colored paintings in the shades of my sadness.
It's pink.
It's green.
It's a portrait of the soul.
It's about the rebirth of human being in nature.

I was always seeing in the painted flowers a trivial subject, a failed manner to capture the beauty of nature, although, I know for too long that what we see with our eyes is not a reality of the soul.
There are thoughts caught between these flowers, there are desires that stands at their roots, hope that nothing dies forever and that it can be reborn in any form of nature.
It's kind of a portrait of the soul.


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