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Dancing with myself
Juan Mengual

Dancing with myself



Title: Dancing with myself
Year Completed: 2021
Size: 110 x 110 x 3 cm.
Technical: Oil over acrylic over canvas

The starting point for this painting was a quite particular chance shape. It took me quite a bit to figure out how to manage it and finally I decided that I was going to make only one big figure and needed an obvious lines treatment. Looking and looking at if I finally found someone play-ing the guitar wildly. It was a short time since Little Richard died so this probably influenced me. I already had magenta color so I took green as the complementary one to go on and yellow looked good with the two of them. It was the toughest of the pandemic time and we had al-ready been quite a few time in confinement. I live alone and sometimes when a rock music played on the radio I started to dance and jump by myself at home and this feeling came out while I was working on it, then I remembered the Billy Idol song that I love and I knew I had the name for it. Finally, I put three straight lines for the guitar strings that give strength to the com-position and differences this painting from almost all the others that I make.

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