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Paola Semilia




Title: L’ariete
Year: 2021
Size: 90x90 cm
Technique: Acrylic and fluorescent colors on canvas

Behind this canvas lies a visceral and tormented grief: that of the loss of the artist's mother. Paola chooses to enhance the painting by mixing brushstrokes of yellow with those of light blue. Yellow represents the sun, energy, life. Light blue, on the other hand, represents the sea, but also the sky, bliss, eternal life. The sun and the sea, two elements with which Paola's mother had a special relationship. These colors also connect, unmistakably, to the painter's unconscious, untangling every knot of the soul. At the bottom of the canvas is shown the ram. And it is with this recognizable figure, which was the zodiac sign of her mother, that is concealed and revealed, the deepest essence of pain. What Paola paints is not so much an action related to Aries itself; the artist goes beyond that, shaping through strong and decisive colors, her mother's great passion for nature and its enigmatic secrets.

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