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Mari K




Title: Forgiveness
Year: 2023
Technique: photoshop, Enlight app, acrylic paint
Size: 5102x3831 px, 200 dpi

Mari's extraordinary artistic production is placed with incisive precision in a territory suspended between the dream world and tangible reality, revealing the ambivalence of human existence. His works, imbued with an intense scent of memories, are capable of catapulting us from the immaterial to the tangibility of the present moment with surprising ease. This unique position of Mari's creations between these two worlds finds its root in the persistent presence of archetypes, which, like conducting threads, weave an intricate universe of meanings of which the artist becomes the guardian. Through this art, Mari guides us in the search for the very essence of our humanity, where past and present merge in an intense embrace, revealing the hidden depths of the human soul.

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