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Aliia Sakisheva

Aliia Sakisheva



Born July 31, 1999 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

2017-2021 | National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Faculty of Fine Arts and Restoration, specialization in easel and monumental painting / Kyiv, Ukraine

2021 | “MFM. Post-graduation”, center for contemporary art White World / Kyiv, Ukraine
2021 | “The Colors of Parajanov”, Ivan Kavaleridze Museum-studio / Kyiv, Ukraine
2020 | “Art saved live” street art festival, Lavra gallery / Kyiv, Ukraine
2019 | “Arrow whisper” personal exhibition, art-cafe Vagabond / Kyiv, Ukraine
2018 | Alexander Murashko competition, NAFAA / Kyiv, Ukraine

I do not reflect in my work the visible, surrounding world, but penetrate into the essence of the world and reproduce only a pure idea, distinguishing it from reality, rejecting accidental and secondary elements.
As far as I'm concerned, this is a way to become acquainted with as many people as possible, creating the most high-capacity picture of broad sufferings and joys. Nevertheless, the artist is in the thick of action, also all the dramas and tragedies of the world are played out in the artist's soul. His doubts, torments and experiences touch the very essence.
My art is the freedom of thought. This is my rebellion against the absurdity of the world. Creating, I give shape to my life.


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