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Mieko Nakamura

Mieko Nakamura



Mieko Nakamura was born in Japan in 1952.
When I was in the third grade of elementary school, I was fascinated by Tokaido 53 Stations of the Ukiyoe, and started sketching when I was in junior high school. When I was in high school, I met a calligrapher and learned about the fun of calligraphers.
Aspiring to art at the Faculty of Education, Kanazawa University, he became ab-sorbed in Van Gogh's paintings. In addition, he introduced to the tea ceremony, learned the spirit of tea, and learned more about philosophy and religion.
After graduating from university, he worked at a public elementary and junior high school, and then worked as an assistant to a community development consult-ant. In 1998, he met the world-famous avant-garde artist Tadahiro Ono and was greatly influenced by him. While working, he continues to paint, while also making tea ceremony, calligraphy, flower arrangement, tanka, haiku, and essay works.
She says she is concise, clear and likes margins. Where did it come from?
The beauty of the margins of the calligraphy. The spatial arrangement and spiritual depth of the tea ceremony, the combination of tools, and the exquisiteness of the relationship between the guest and the host. Waka and haiku are a combination of simple and clear words that express deep humor. Ikebana is a delicate position where each flower helps each other to be lively and beautiful.
Each of these Japanese cultures is subtly deep and deep. These are the concepts throughout her work.
Starting in October 2018 in Paris, she has been exhibited at art fairs in Lis-bon, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai, Abu Davi and New York, and her artistic hall has spread all over the world.

I value a simple daily life. What I express is life, daily life, and the universe that is the source of it. I create works based on the aesthetic sense of Japanese culture cultivated through tea ceremony, calligraphy, flower arrangement, and Japanese poetry. The genre, materials, and production process of the work depend on the inspiration and sensibility that comes from each moment of daily life. I hope that the brightness, energy, and humor that are expressed throughout my works will be conveyed to people, and that the world will be calm and peaceful.


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