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Rise - 2
Pamela Chrabieh

Rise - 2



Title: Rise - 2
Year: 2022
Size: 10 MB (72 DPI) - 9798 x 6526 px
Technique: Integrated Iconography (physical iconographic sketch + digital art)

Rise-2 is a call for remembering and acknowledging the dispersed pieces of oneself and transcending the sadness, pain, and injury caused by continuous cycles of violence. It is about going forward, with memory “that works like a catapult” as Eduardo Galeano states it, fluid, dynamic, alive, while embracing imperfections due to traumas, cracks in souls, and disfigurement; a memory that sweeps through transitions and is ever-changing; not a memory that is as an eternal “anchor” or a fixed permanent entity with clear boundaries.

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