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Neo Bodhsattva
Saori Kashimura

Neo Bodhsattva



Neo Bodhsattva Size: W1450 H1030 D30 mm T echnique: Mixed Media (Digital Art, Drawing, Gold Leafe Stamping) In this work, I drew a new image about the Buddha. Five bodhisattvas are flying into a fictitious city with multiple high-rise temples. They are riding a divine beast. Bodhisattva is Buddhist worthy of nirvana who postpones it to help others. Garuda is the king of a bird that never falls, Peacock eats a poisonous snake, purifies bad things. A horse is a ride of the king. The elephant comes from the Ganesha god, which is said to exclude obstacles in Hinduism, and the lion is a symbol of strength. As a bodhisattva, 4 friends are appearing in this work and I am on the lion in the center of the work. I painted the halo of the Bodhisattva using pigment powder of traditional Japanese paintings and stuck the gold foil like radial light. Artist: Saori Kashimura

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